S a r a h   P a l l i s e r

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S A R A H   P A L L I S E R

My approach is to integrate specialist lighting design with interior design disciplines and this approach is reflected in both my consultancy work and in the professional development courses I provide. I am based in Melbourne, with extensive worldwide experience in lighting both commercial and residential projects. Working with architects, interior designers, artists, engineers, building developers, educators, audio visual specialist and unique design manufactures for both Building owners and or end users.

As an interior architect that specialises in light I am in a unique position to work with, and assist fellow professionals develop seamless integrated lighting solutions appropriate to particular architectural design requirements with over 20 years of extensive experience spanning both Interior and Lighting Design.

My career began in London working for 6 years covering lighting and Interior design disciplines, then moving to Australia in 1998. Specialising in Lighting Design with LDP - Lighting Design Partnership (1998-2001) as a Senior Lighting Designer,  went on to establish iLAB Pty Ltd (iLAB Sydney) with her co Director in 2001 and iLAB Pte Lte (iLAB Singapore) in 2006. Covering all sectors focusing on Hospitality, Commercial, Retail, Aviation, Galleries and municipal spaces, along with high-end private residences over many countries & cultures including London, Singapore, China and India. 

I am also involved in the Education sector, having taught lighting design at UTS (University of Technology Sydney) School of Architecture, UNSW.

and lecturing at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University).